Episode 24 - The Lady Killer

August 31, 2018


"We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere.  And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow."


- Ted Bundy


Charming, charismatic, with boyish good looks, Theodore Robert Bundy was known as the Lady Killer who went on a spree of murders in the 70's through Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, and Florida.  No one knows exactly how many women he murdered but what we do know is behind the pretty face was a monster.



Ted in his early years





















































































































































































Ted and not her real name Stephanie Brooks



Ted and not her real name Liz



Candid photo of Ted and his famous Volkswagen Beetle


 Candid photo of Ted Bundy and unknown woman 































The victims


List courtesy of Murderpedia


Lonnie Trumbull; Seattle (6/23/66) 
Kathy Devine; Seattle (11/25/73) 
Lynda Ann Healy; University of Washington (2/1/74) 
Donna Manson; Evergreen St. College, Olympia (3/12/74) 
Susan Rancourt; Central Washington St. College, Ellensburg (4/17/74) 
Brenda Baker; Seattle (5/25/74) 
Brenda Ball; Burien (6/1/74) 
Georgeann Hawkins; University of Washington (6/11/74) 
Janice Ott; Lake Sammamish St. Park (7/14/74) 
Denise Naslund; Lake Sammamish St. Park (7/14/74) 


Kathy Parks; Oregon St. (5/6/74) 

Nancy Wilcox; (10/2/74) 
Melissa Smith; Midvale (10/18/74) 
Laura Aimee; Lehi (10/31/74) 
Debbie Kent; Bountiful (11/8/74) 
Susan Curtis; Brigham Young University (6/28/75) 
Nancy Baird; Layton (7/4/75) 
Debbie Smith; Salt Lake City (2/?/76) 


Caryn Campbell; Aspen (1/12/75) 
Julie Cunningham; Vail (3/15/75) 
Denise Oliverson; Grand Junction (4/6/75) 
Melanie Cooley; Nederland (4/15/75) 
Shelley Robertson; Golden (7/1/75) 


Lisa Levy; Tallahassee (1/15/78) 
Margaret Bowman; Tallahassee (1/15/74) 
Kimberly Ann Leach; Lake City (2/9/78) 















































































































































 Taking impressions of Ted Bundy's teeth to compare against bite mark evidence.





































The Volkswagen Beetle is now on display at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Tennessee
































Ted Bundy's wife Carole Ann Boone




















































Ted and Carole with daughter Rose

















































































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