Episode 23 - The Butcher of Plainfield

August 17, 2018


"There's something about Gein that appeals to the morbid curiosity within all of us. It's so macabre, so bizarre, so deviant- that we can't look away." -Adam Rockoff



In 1957, the small farming town of Plainfield, Wisconsin was never the same again after learning of the unsuspecting monster living among them. The horrors hidden in a quiet farmhouse would reveal the twisted and terrifying mind of the man that would inspire the creation of cinematic icons Norman Bates, Leatherface and Buffalo Bill- to name a few. In the Words of Lord Byron, "Tis strange- but true; for truth is always stranger than fiction".

In this episode, Janine covers a favorite of hers & the true crime community- Ed Gein.




Edward Theodore Gein







































































































The beautiful Gein home sat on 155-acres 




Plainfield Cemetery where Gein would grave rob


























Newspaper clipping after Gein's arrest











































The inside of Gein's home, as photographed by investigators . Some of these images were published in LIFE magazine.



















































































































































































Nosy neighbor trying to find something  in Ed Gein's home after his arrest





































Some items found in Gein's home after his arrest


























































































































Bernice Worden's body as found by police
































































Photo of a police officer outside of the Gein home , making sure to keep out anyone that doesn't belong there during the investigation.








Gein property after the "mysterious" fire that occurred the day before the auction was to take place.




Newspaper clipping of Gein's passing



































Ed Gein's tombstone (now in police custody)




Carnival Sideshow of Ed Gein's car. 







More Info:






http://murderpedia.org/male.G/g/gein-edward.htm (photos)




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