Episode 6 - Jonestown

November 24, 2017

"No, no sorrow--that it's all over. I'm glad it's over. Hurry, hurry my children. Hurry. All I think (inaudible) from the hands of the enemy. Hurry, my children. Hurry. There are seniors out here that I'm concerned about. Hurry. I don't want to leave my seniors to this mess. Only quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly.... Good knowing you."


- Jim Jone


November 18, 1978 People’s Temple founder Jim Jones ordered for 909 souls to sacrifice their lives for his ego. Willing or not, every single person in Jonestown was sentenced to death. Beginning with children each member ingested a concoction of cyanide, sedatives, and grape flavored juice powder “Flavor-Aid."  Learn more about this tragedy in third episode of the True Crime Girls cult series.
























People’s Temple founder: Jim Jones
























Giant Vat of grape Flavor-Aid mixed with Cyanide


















Bodies of those murdered on the airstrip
























Potassium Cyanide


























Aerial view of some of the 909 people murdered. 



Link to the death tape. Listener Beware: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. 






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