Episode 5 - Heaven's Gate

November 10, 2017

"To everyone is given the key to heaven; the same key opens the gates of hell"


- Proverb


In part 2 of our Cults series- Janine dives in to Heavens Gate. 

20 years & countless documentaries, stories, books & articles later- there is still so much we will never know. 


From the iconic Nike shoes & purple shrouds to the unforgettable footage of Marshall Applewhite’s tapes- the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide was an event we millennials all remember. 

Join the True Crime Girls as we discuss this interesting & elusive group of individuals.



Founders Bonnie Nettles & Marshall Applewhite- also known as Ti & Do







Rio de Angelo- the surviving member selected by Applewhite to stay behind, find the bodies & share their story. 




Information made available to the public by San Diego Sheriff’s Department detailing how the victims were found when officials 

entered the residence. 




Unforgettable images of the victims inside the home. 







The scene at the Heaven’s Gate Rancho Santa Fe home when officials began removing the bodies from inside the residence. 





People Magazine

covers the members of Heaven’s Gate.

Of the 39 victims, the following are the 32 whose names were released:

Cheryl Butcher 42,
David Van Sinderen 48
Alan Bowers 45
Margaret Bull 54,
Alphonzo Foster 44,
David Moore 40,
Julie LaMontagne 45,
Darwin Lee Johnson 42
Robert Arancio 45,
Gary Jordan St. Louis 43
Dana Tracey Abreo 34
Ladonna Brugato 40,
Joel Peter McCormick 28
Gail Maeder 27
Thomas Nichols 58,
John Craig 62,
Margaret Richter 46,
Susan Elizabeth Nora Paup 53,
Michael Barr Sandoe 25
Norma Jeanne Nelson 59
Suzanne Cooke 54
Jacqueline Leonard 72
Susan Strom 44,
Judith Rowland 50
Yvonne McCurdy-Hill 38
Denise J. Thurman 44,
Lindley Ayerhart Pease 41,
jeffrey Howard Lewis 41
Erika Ernst 40,
Lucy Eva Pesho 63,
joyce Skalla 58
Marshall Applewhite 65

At the time this was published , seven of the victim’s names were not made available to the public. 



More Details:
































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