True Crime Girls Myspace Bulletin Survey

True Crime Girls Myspace Bulletin Survey

Alright here she is! Copy and paste the questions in the comments.  First names only please and make up a fake AIM handle for safety!  
  1. Name:

  2. AIM:

  3. Nickname:

  4. Zodiac sign:

  5. Favorite color:

  6. Favorite junk food:

  7. Favorite bevarage:

  8. Favorite guilty pleasure:

  9. Favorite knot style:

  10. Last song you listened to:

  11. Last google search:

  12. Last youtube search:

  13. Last time you cried:

  14. Last time you cried from laughing:

  15. Last time you bought rope:

  16. Hugs or kisses:

  17. Red vines or twizlers:

  18. Blue/black or White/gold:

  19. High fives or fist bumps:

  20. Backstreet boys or *Nsync?

  21. Britney or Christina?

  22. Bundy Or Dahmer?

  23. Burn alive or drown:

  24. Chloroform or Rufalin:

  25. First celebrity crush:

  26. First magazine subscription:

  27. First best friend:

  28. First pet:

  29. First alcoholic beverage:

  30. First dump site:

  31. Do you still talk to your last ex?

  32. Do you believe in aliens?

  33. Do you want kids?

  34. Do you want pets?

  35. Do you know anyone famous?

  36. Do you have any enemies?

  37. Do you know how to get blood stains out without any trace of cleaning products?